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Henning Fritzenwalder - Consulting human centred organisations, based in Berlin, Germany

Empathy, Empowerment, Ethics & Experiences by Design.

So what is hfux?

hfux is a UX Design consultancy that went pear-shaped. Initially started as a UX Architect workshop it emerged into something very different: I realized that a deep understanding of human capacities, needs and cognitive efforts helps in building products, applying agile principles, leading software teams and acting in a responsible, sustainable way. 

The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, `which is to be master - - that's all.   - for me, it's all about people. 



If you want to create a valuable product or service, you have to deeply understand peoples needs and behaviours.

hfux is using highly effective, proven methods to ensure that your company is listening & learning from those people who should buy or use your products and services. 



Digital products today can be so much more than simple tools. Embedded in eco-systems and supported by Data Intelligence, digital systems don't have to be mindless, demanding machines that users have to feed. Likewise, you only get to great results if you trust and empower your team with the right tools and appreciation. 

hfux is building teams that are ready to do things that will make a difference.



While digital products are everywhere and often almost indispensable, it's often hard to understand how they operate, what's been done with our data and if it's all safe to use. 

hfux is using methods to identify and highlight critical risks that could undermine people's trust in a service. It's about responsible tech and building services that are fair, open and honest.  



Digital systems, products and services are everywhere around us in our jobs and and home. hfux is making sure that your users experience your companies products and services as helpful, supportive and mindful of the way humans perceive and think. Some call this UX.


What I’m good at

Get teams in touch with people and scenarios outside the organisation (users, customers, experts).

Unleash the power of teams and get commitment from stakeholders to build truly people centric teams.

Embrace curiosity, queer thoughts and failure as a way to learn and move forward

Bring the voice of people to the table and use Design techniques to make products and services useful & usable.

Help teams and companies to become truly user centred in the way they're approaching products and services.



  • Building teams & Team lead
  • Moderation / Workshop facilitation
  • Design Thinking
  • Agile Experience Design & User Research


I worked in a lot of different industries, it taught me a lot and I'm grateful for all the support I received:


2022 -                Team Lead Engineering Digital Services at SENEC GmbH, Leipzig

2019 - 2022       Product Owner, Release Manager and Team Lead at Testo SE & Co KGaA, Berlin

2017 - 2019       Lead Experience Designer for ThoughtWorks Germany

2016 - 2017       Sr. UX Architect by MOTOR-TALK / mobile.de, a part of the eBay Classifieds Group

2015 - 2016       Product Owner for Native Instruments, Berlin

2009 - 2014       Sr. Design Researcher for NOKIA Maps / HERE, Berlin

2005 - today      Freelance UX Consultant, clients: Deutsche Telekom, Digital Agencies, UniversitätsSpital Zürich

2000 - 2004       Information Architect for GFT Technologies AG, clients: DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Post


Sounds good?

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